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Vesta medical equipment

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Many medical equipment used in laboratories to perform medical tests, after working for some time, may undergo changes as the results of their measurements. A certain period of calibration test should be done to solve this problem. In this article, we intend to provide you with information about the importance of calibration in medical equipment, so read this article to the end.

The importance of calibration in medical equipment

Medical devices used in laboratories may have changes in the value of their results display after some time, which is necessary to solve such a problem, so they must be checked by a calibration test device.

During calibration, if the obtained value compares with the standard value, it is necessary to calibrate the device before reusing it. Note that if medical devices and equipment are not caliber, it is forbidden to use them since it can bring irreparable risks relating to finance and life.

Therefore, because medical supplies and equipment are used to check the patient’s condition and take samples, calibrating them is of great importance.

Which medical equipment needs to be calibrated?

Among the medical devices and equipment that must be calibrated include the following:

Medical equipment used to check the patient’s condition.

Medical devices that apply specific output energy for treatment purposes.

When should calibration be done?

The type of calibration depends on different factors including the following:

  • Full understanding of the operation of the device
  • Device maintenance record
  • Changeable environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature, etc.
  • The useful life of the device
  • The need to perform calibration according to the manufacturer’s suggestion
  • Data obtained from previous calibrations

Where should calibration usually be done?

It is usually recommended to perform the calibration in the same place where it is located so that no problems will arise in the calibration process by changing the location of the device and transporting it.

Note that calibrated devices should not be confused with uncalibrated ones. Consequently, it is necessary to place the name, identification code, calibration date and next calibration time on the calibrated device.

It is very important to mention that in laboratory equipment, since different sensors are used for measurement, calibration is very important because it is very effective in the quality of the results.

thus, in addition to the caliber of the device, it is necessary to periodically calibrate them at the time of purchase. Normally, three purposes  are used to calibrate medical equipment:

In order to obtain the error and record the obtained results

It includes the first method and the obtained result is compared to determine its acceptance and rejection.

This method also includes the second method and it is necessary to repair or remove the created error.

To perform the calibration of medical equipment, you can do it in the same manufacturing company. Vesta Tehzih Part Company is one of the medical equipment importers that you can refer to for calibration of medical equipment.

Calibrason labels

After calibration of medical equipment, labels with different colors, such as green, red, orange, are placed on the devices, each of which has a special meaning.

Green label: When the caliber of the device is finished, a label is placed on it with the expiration date written on it.

Red label: When the calibration has not been done at a certain time, this is labeled so that it can be understood that the calibration was not done at the right time.

Orange label: If your device does not need calibration, this label is used. so that it can be easily identified.

In this article, we intended to point out the importance of calibration in laboratory equipment, because not doing this on time has caused the results obtained from the test to be inaccurate, for this purpose, if the laboratory equipment needs calibration, you can contact us. Be in touch with Vesta Tazhiz Part.

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