Vesta Tajhiz Part

exclusive agent of Chemwell and StatFax in Iran

Providing sales, support and consulting services

Sales, marketing and expert advice exclusive agent of Chemwell and StatFax in Iran  Technical Services statfax و chemwell

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management and automation system with the possibility of sending your comments and suggestions

Marketing and Sales

The latest ELISA and biochemistry devices in manual and automatic types

Technical Services

Specialized repairs of all StatFax and ChemWell devices

Why Vesta?

Offering world-renowned brands in the field of sales,
service and specialized consulting in Iran

Vesta Tajhiz Part Company

Vesta Company was established in 2000 in order to play a role in experimental and medical fields. It struggles to provide the well-known brands of marketing, services and consulting. As planned, Vesta boasts the quality and develops its field of activity every year so as to gain the costumers satisfaction.
Vesta Tajhiz part tries to provide the greatest services, support and consultant with medical, scientific, and health centers by the benefit of skilled and expert employees.


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