Stat Fax 4500

Stat Fax 4500


Stat Fax® ۴۵۰۰ Chemistry Analyzer Six-filter calculating photometer for endpoint and kinetic assays. Includes graphics printer, touch-screen Interface, 37°C Incubation, and nonvolatile memory for test protocol storage. Standard features include updated electronics, high-quality bichromatic optics, with 340nm (UV) wavelength. Sampling options include 12x75mm tubes or 12mm .cuvettes and micro-cuvettes. Aspiration flowcell is included

  • Performs endpoint and kinetic assays using standards or factors
  • User programmable menu for routine chemistries such as cardiac, liver, kidney, and metabolic function tests
  • Reads 12mm tubes, 1 cm square cuvettes, or with a flowcell
  • Bichromatic photometer with 6 filters ranging from 340 nm to 700 nm
  • Stores 500 test results
  • Stores 1000 control results

Stat Fax® ۴۵۰۰ has been updated and improved, the same reliability you have come to expect with an improved graphical interface and high resolution capacitive touchscreen similar to those found on today’s smart phones. Response times are faster, selections take place almost instantly, the glass surface is easier to clean and the processor has been updated resulting in an overall performance boost improving the user experience.


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