Stat Fax 2600/2600+ Microplate Washer

Stat Fax 2600/2600+ Microplate Washer



Built-in plate mixing function with programmable mix time.

Individual row selection for partial plate washing. Select individual rows to wash and skip used wells.

Optional dual wash bottle system for added versatility and convenience.

Standard Features

Fully automatic.

Washes flat, round, and V-bottom plates and strips.

No user adjustments required. Automatic calibration, alignment, and last row detection.

Carriers come in two styles, 3×۱۲ for break-apart microwell strips, and an optional 3×۸ for non-break-apart microwell strips.

۶ ready-to-run wash programs.

Large, non-volatile memory stores 50 user-specified wash protocols.

Precision operation with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure. Pump cycles only when necessary for quiet operation.

Programmable automatic rinse cycle.

Ready to run: bottles, aerosol shield, 8-way manifold included.

NRTL and CE certified.

Optional: 12 and 16 position wash heads available