ChemWell VET Veterinary Analyzer

ChemWell VET Veterinary Analyzer


ChemWell-T Veterinary Brochure 2020

  • Deliver Results With Confidence Fully Automated Biochemistry / Turbidimetric Analyzer
  • Suitable for testing a variety of species
  • Accurate results, providing confidence to
  • Compact and efficient chemistry analyzer
  • The ChemWell®-VET Veterinary Analyzer Advantage
    Accurate and Precise

Above all other considerations when you are buying a biochemistry analyzer for veterinary use, you want results you can always trust. ChemWell®-VET’s reliable optics and precision pipetting provide consistent dependable performance for your peace of mind at a lower operating expense resulting in a low cost per test.

  • Flexible

ChemWell®-VET is a computer-dependent system preloaded with 36 programs to conveniently perform routine and most specialty chemistries. Normal ranges are stored for a large variety of species. In addition, ChemWell®-VET’s comprehensive software allows users to expand

  • Robust

Materials and workmanship are specified and tested to assure product quality and longevity. Also, to help assure quality performance, ChemWell®-VET has many instructional prompts, error messages, and features that track instrument QC and service needs.

  • Easy

ChemWell®-VET’s intuitive software visually mirrors what takes place on the analyzer. This facilitates programming assays, daily operation, and use of the many additional optional features that make ChemWell®-VET both powerful and convenient.

  • Capabilities Overview

ChemWell®-VET is designed to perform kinetic and endpoint assays with single or multiple reagent kits. It includes patient animal database software (or accepts a work-list via LIS). Once you enter an order and load the reagents and samples, the instrument processes all the tests and presents results for reporting, storing, or electronic export. A variety of assay calibration equations are available. Features include random access, continual loading, stat capability, on-board reagent cooling, ISE module ready, acceptance of controls anywhere any time, and automatic application of user-entered QC criteria and test interpretations.

Rack Configuration

ChemWell®-VET comes with a integrated reagent and sample rack. The rack is insulated and includes a cover to help regulate
temperature, in conjunction with the built in peltier cooler this design helps to maximize the life of the reagent during extended
testing periods. The standard instrument does not include a barcode scanner however, this is an available option. Please
specify the need for barcode scanning when placing your order, barcode scanning is only available for the samples and requires
a modified rack to accommodate the barcodes.


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