ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer



The Awareness Technologies ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ Automated EIA and Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated system that runs both enzyme immunoassays and general chemistries in standard microwells. Its intuitive design allows the user to easily set up assays, perform routine jobs, quality control and index calculations to meet the demands of any modern laboratory.

With a completely open system that is simple to program, the ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ washes volumes, increases the number of washes, and even directs the probe to pick up and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. For added security, a password can be set.

The ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ automatically makes dilutions, dispense reagents, incubate, wash, read, and prepare final reports. The unit can be used as either a batch analyzer or a continuous loading random-access analyzer for performing clinical biochemistry tests.

A truly reliable instrument, the ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ delivers with precise pipetting of low volume specimens, elimination of carryover, and careful control of temperature. The ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ can also make pre-dilutions, but this is hardly needed since a high level of precision is achieved even with a meager 2uL sample.

ChemWell® ۲۹۱۰ can process EIA at an ambient temperature or 37°C. An incubator is provided for biochemistry wells to provide precise kinetic reactions.

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No carry-over
Liquid sensing probe tip
Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles
QC tracking, self-monitoring mechanics and optics
Auto dilute and retest for over-range samples
No custom disposables required
Creates automatic service reports
Edit standard curves