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ELISA washer

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As in large labs and research centers, sampling is performed in large numbers, they use Eliza washer to wash lab equipment. It consists of 4 tanks. One of these 4 tanks is related to the waste that is created during washing and the other 3 tanks do the washing. wash wells work simultaneously. One of the features of the device is that the possibility of contamination in a person is minimized.

How to work with ELISA washer

One of the important goals to design this device is not to cause any kind of disturbance in the ELISA technique, which is controlled by microprocessors, which are responsible for planning and controlling washing.

At the top of the ELISA washer, 8 needles are placed in a row for washing and shaking.

Different parts of the device

The ELISA washer consists of several parts, which include the following:

  • Device range
  • Device pump
  • Device needle
  • Interface hoses

One of the most important points is that after using the ELISA device, be sure to prime the device with distilled water and, most importantly, clean the needles of the device with special tools that are in the device.

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Check the quality of ELISA washer

In order to check the quality of ELISA washer, quality control kits can be used. It is suggested to use this kit on a weekly basis. How to do it is that first a certain amount of conjugate is added to the strip wells.

Afterwards, It is necessary to add the strips 4 times through the wash buffer in the wash kit, the substrate and then the test stop solution.

In order to check the quality of ELISA washers, it is necessary to check the following items.

Needle position: The needles must be clean and most importantly it is necessary to check their horizontal and vertical position relative to the well. One of the most important points is that the needle should never hit the end of the well because it will create mechanical interference between the needle tip and the surface of the well.

Suction time: This is very important because if suction is not done on the exact, the solution will return to the bottom of the well and eventually cause an error in the test response. Moreover, when suction is performed for a long time, the material at the bottom of the well dries out and the test is damaged.

Distribution volume: The distribution of materials to all wells is necessary to be equal depend on the capacity of the wells and most importantly the needles must be clean.

Vacuum: The amount of vacuum for the suction system needs to be calibrated between 60 and 70%. If this vacuum is more, it will lead to drying of the well and the activity of enzymes in the well, and it will also have effect on the test outcome.

Absorption of wells is 450 Nano Wavelength. The  required amount saved in the wells should be less than 0.1. in case the amount is higher the washing process has not performed correctly.

Washing the ELISA washer

The main application of ELISA washer is to increase the washing quality of ELISA plates and, most importantly, to prevent contamination by the laboratory expert.

The washing done by the ELISA washer removes the contaminants found in infectious tests such as HIV, hbs and.. Laboratories that use this device, because they receive high diagnostic tests from their clients, can expand their work process with the help of ELISA washer device, because the washing accuracy of this device is very high.

It is very significant to clean the device after use in order to increase the efficiency of the device. If the device has a problem in answering its tests, you can contact Vesta Equipment Part experts to repair the device.

Buy ELISA washer device

As we mentioned, one of the most important uses of the ELISA device is in the laboratories in order not to disrupt the ELISA tests. In order to purchase the ELISA device as well as repair it, call the numbers. One of the main goals of Vesta Company is to equip Part to raise the level of health in the community.

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