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ChemWell 4620 analyzer

ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer

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ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer used for biochemistry experiments. This product has fully automated open system analyze with PC-controlled. It can supply a wide range of Megazyme test kits. In the following, we will examine this specialized device used in medical laboratories together.

ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer performs biochemical analyzes on cuvette strips with a path length of 1 cm and is equipped with 35 reagent and sample combination positions capable of performing up to 100 tests and 40 non-invasive tests per hour. additionally cuvettes are easy to load and unload, and the continuous loading function allows experiments to continue easily.


Megazyme is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical reagents, enzymes and test kits for the food, dairy and wine industries.
This company also manufactures and supplies diagnostic test kits and reagents for the beverage, grain, dairy, food and feed, fermentation, biofuel and beverage industries. Megazyme company kits are also used in ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer.

Properties of autoanalyzer

ChemWell T-4620 is a biochemistry autoanalyzer that allows mixing, drawing and editing of reaction graphs and standard curves including fully automated dilution and pre-dilution, single or multi-reagent dispensing, reaction kinetics.

ChemWell 4620
  • ۶ filter wheels (340nm – 630nm) and 2 free positions for future use
  • Fully automatic dilution and presplitting, dispensing of one or several reagents, mixing
  • Maximum power up to 100 tests per hour
  • A full range of biochemical and immunoturbidimetric tests
  • Minimum and maximum reaction volumes: 240 µl – 700 µl
  • The maximum number of reagents combined in standard and adjustable racks is 35 to maximize process efficiency.
  • Integrated reactive heat sink
  • QC tracking tracks the control and calibrator using the SW Levey-Jennings plot.
  • Create and edit reaction diagrams, calibration curves, including kinetic reactions


  • ۱۰۰ tests per hour (max)
  • batch scan or continuous download feature
  • Programmed protocols for use with a variety of Megazyme test kits
  • Reflex testing (automatic dilution and retesting of out-of-range samples)


  • Assay Modes: Absorbance, Single Standard, Factor, Fixed Time Kinetics, Standard Kinetics or Factor by Factor, Point-to-Point Multiple Calibrator, Linear Regression, Cubic Spline, and Percent Absorbance
  • PC controlled with Windows based software
  • Reactions performed at room temperature, 25oC or 37oC
  • Self-controlled mechanics and optics
  • Full set of quality control.
  • Biochromatic and monochrome reading
  • Includes six long-life IAD filters
  • liquid detection probe device

Application of ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer

  1. ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer can reduce reproductive laboratory work and provide accurate, highly reproducible results.
  2. Meet the requirements of routine serological index testing in large specialized breeding laboratories, and lead the automation, standardization of biochemical and immunological indices in seminal plasma.
  3. The His/Lis interface connects the His system in the hospital to the Lis system in the laboratory. Information such as test results and test reports can be automatically transferred to the clinic, thus achieving information management for reproductive medicine laboratories.

ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer abilities

ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer can completely automate tests fast, with repeatable data without manual steps. Advanced microfluidic circuitry drives every step of the assay process to help eliminate variability and cross-reactivity.

The customizable ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer cartridges can analyze up to 8 analytes simultaneously in 75 minutes and require only 25 µl of sample. All this device tests are fully validated, highly accurate and have up to 4 dynamic range registers. Experience the confidence and comfort that can bring to the lab.

awareness technology

Manufacturer of ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer is awareness technology. Awareness Technology products are primarily used in IVD, life science research, veterinary, food safety and environmental applications. Specializing in immunochemistry, biochemistry and electrolytes, Awareness Technologies manufactures automated and semi-automated systems with an emphasis on quality, reliability and economy.

Products include chemical analyzers, kits for routine health screening, as well as allergy, autoimmune and infectious disease tests. These products are designed and manufactured in Florida based on ISO certificates.

Last point

The ChemWell 4620 biochemistry autoanalyzer, automated specializes in the analysis of biochemical and immunologic indices of serum and seminal plasma samples in fertility medicine. although automation provides calibration tests and guarantees the desired results with good accuracy and repeatability.

after all, the analyzer is a necessary tool to standardize a fertility drug laboratory. For more information, you can contact our colleagues at Vesta Group through the contact numbers ۰۹۳۴۵۶۷۸۹۷۶ and 021-72801.

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